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Meet Dixie and Clementine! These 2 and several other bunnies were found in an abandoned trailer. They were frightened, but healthy and these 2 are nice friends with 1 another. They are about three years old, healthy and best friends. Email XXXX@hotmail.com to meet this pair! All of our rabbits are spayed/neutered upon adoption, and our adoption payment includes the surgery, as well as a veterin...
Cupcake is a stunning little Netherland Dwarf. She's about one and a half years old and is looking for a gentle loving person and maybe even a boy bunny friend! Email XXXX@yahoo.com for an application to meet Cupcake ;)
Brownie is a gorgeous young bunny girl looking for a family of her own. She may even like a bunny friend! She has just recovered from her spay and is ready to embark on her adoption journey. Email XXXX@yahoo.com for more information!
Look at Flopsy! This 5 yr old darling girl has been bounced around because her family moved and could not take her. She's looking for a quiet, loving home and person to be her forever friend! Email XXXX@yahoo.com to meet Flopsy.
Rosemary is a precious little sable bunny. She was very nervous and quite aggressive when we 1st brought her in, but she's calmed down considerably with the loving care of her foster mom. She's learned to use her litterbox and would love a chance at a good forever home with a caring person, perhaps even a rabbit savvy person. Email XXXX@yahoo.com to meet lovely Rosemary!
Sunflower is a small, easily frightened little girl. She's learned to trust a lot more with her foster, but she's still quite scared and would really do well with a bunny savvy adopter who will know how to calm and be patient with her. She has been bounced around and dumped at shelters, so we'd really like to find her the perfect forever home now. Email XXXX@yahoo.com for more info!
Pixie and her lovely sisters are all looking for a new home. We know their entire history, including their birthday! They're very good girls, would be nice as a family companion or even with a boyfriend bunny. Email XXXX@yahoo.com for applications to meet Pixie or any of her sisters!
Sunday is a lovely two year old chocolate lady rabbit. She loves snacks and will do just about anything for a treat. She's a big explorer and is confident patrolling the house; she would do best as a free range bunny or with a large space! She's very clean, perfect with the litterbox and keeps most of her nibbling to her toys. She lived with another bunny in the past so we think she would like ...
Basil and her sisters, Pixie and Scarlet, are all looking for a loving home. Each girl is healthy, happy, and very social. We know their whole history, which is rare in rescue! Basil may even like a bunny friend of her own. Email XXXX@yahoo.com to meet Basil or any of our other bunnies!
Pearl is a lovely 2 yr old dwarf angora. Her current owners are struggling with allergies and Pearl needs to find a good new home. Email XXXX@yahoo.com to meet this bunny, she could be the love of your life!
Pennybun is a gentle and stunning eight year old bunny looking for the perfect person to spend her golden years with! Email XXXX@yahoo.com to meet this lovely lady :)
Scarlet and her sisters originally began as teaching rabbits at an institution. Because of this, they've always receive the best care and detailed veterinary check ups, and are healthy, happy and perfect! Scarlet is a gentle, sweet rabbit and the apple of her foster mom's eye. Email XXXX@hotmail.com to find out more on Scarlet and all of her sisters, who are all adoptable through Luv-n-Bunns! A...
Lotta was born November 14, 2016. This gorgeous girl was recently separated from her brother and is looking lonely. We think she'd like a bunny friend of her own! She's extra adorable, clean, gentle and a little shy. She's a doll! Email XXXX@hotmail.com to meet sweet Lotta. All of our rabbits are spayed/neutered upon adoption, and our adoption charge includes the surgery, as well as a veterinar...
Abe is approximately 1 yr old American shorthair male. He was surrendered because he was picking on his brother. Abe does not like to share ANYTHING and because of this he must remain a single guy. He is rather content inside his cage. He is not the snuggling type of guineapig. He likes to hang out under his hut, or a pile of hay. When he is out for playtime-he will seek out something to hide u...
Basil is approximately one year old American shorthair male. He was recently surrendered because he was being picked on by his brother. He is a bit shy. He loves to hang out inside his hut. We have been working on his confidence issues. He does not mind being held but he would rather stay in his cage (his cage is his safety zone). It was not difficult to trim his nails as long as he is sitting ...
*********Adoption Pending for October 17th 2017********* Bridgette is a female who is "almost a year old" (per her prev. owner) Abyssinian breed guineapig. She was surrendered by her owner due to financial issues and was not able to take care of her any longer. Bridgette was housed with a male guineapig. She will be on a **pregnancy watch** until October 17th 2017 and will be avail for adoption...
********Adoption is pending******** Cole is a 9 mnth old Teddy breed guineapig (rough coat) Cole was surrendered to the shelter because his owner could no longer afford him. Upon our arrival at the shelter, we did notice he was suffering from a severe mite infection which we are currently treating. He is currently in quarantine. Cole is missing several patches of hair due to him scratching. He ...
Hazel is an approximately one year - 1 1/two year old female Crest American shorthaired guineapig. She was surrendered today due to financial issues. She was very much loved and cared for in her previous home. Her previous owner believes she would most definitely do well with a cage mate although she has never had one. She is gentle. She does run around her cage when trying to catch her but it ...
*******Adoption Pending for Dec second 2017******** Snowball and Autumn are both females. According to their prev. owner, they are "about" 2 years old. They are sisters and have always been together. They will need to be adopted together. Their previous owner is moving and could not take them along on the move. We are holding these girls on a precautionary pregnancy watch until Dec. second 2017...
Russ is a male American shorthair. His date of birth is Sept 19, 2017 He was born here in the rescue. His mom was surrendered to our rescue after the owners had purchased guineapigs from a pet store. These 2 had a litter of guineapig, The owners did not separate soon enough and they all had another litter. The owners had too many guineapigs. The young females had another litter while at the res...
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